What if you could find a solution to your high energy consumption bills? Would that make a difference in your spending?


At US LED Mart, we are saving energy for future generations. Our goal is to help you save big on energy and show you practical ways on how to save so much without reducing the value of what you enjoy. We are passionate about providing our customers with cost-effective, energy saving lighting products. Our range of products include all kinds of LED lights such as; LED replacement bulbs, LED Cooler Tube Lights, dimmable and non-dimmable LED bulbs, all kinds of LED tube lights (various selections available - 2ft up to 8ft ).We also sell all kinds of Industrial LED lighting products such as; LED Flood lights, street lights, Bay light and Canopy lights.

As a business, our mission is to help you save money so you can spend on other pressing issues. We provide cheaper alternative source of energy to help business owners cut operating costs and help homeowners slash their energy bill expenses by over HALF. We are not just in business to sell; we are also focused on providing our customers with the appropriate education on LED usage to help them take full advantage of the huge benefits available in LED.

Our rave-making LED products provide up to 80% Savings on energy spending and our products come in affordable prices to allow anyone and everyone take advantage. Our goal is to supply world-class LED lights at the lowest prices ever!