1) What led bulbs are right for me

Simple way to look at is more lumens give more bright/better light, If you get confused with so many features, look for few basic things like lumens for watt, If its 20w and 110 lm/w then total lumens will be 2200 lm.


2) There are many led light bulbs for home , how to choose best one

It depends on which light you need, first decide which color of the light you need , Day light is the brightest white light then cool white which will be bit less white then comes warm light it will be bit yellowish, look for color pattern.


3) How can i choose right color of light output

Most of the people feel they got wrong bulb if they don't like color of the light, look for "Color Temperature" on the specifications which gives you right light color output info.

Up to   2700K -- Warm Light ( Yellow light)

4500K - 5000K -- Cool Light ( Cool White )

6000 - 6500K -- Day Light ( This will give you White light as if you are in day light)


4) How to find led replacement bulbs for my exiting fluorescent tube light fixture

We have all types of replacement led bulbs for tube light fixture, you need to choose right length ( comes in 2ft , 3ft , 4ft , 5ft , 6ft, 8ft ) and ping type ( bi-pin/double pin or single pin).


5) Is it easy to install new super bright led bulbs in existing tube light fixture

Yes , To install simply by pass the existing ballast and connect the live (hot) wire to any one pin of an end and the neutral wire to the other end other pin.


6) Why LED Bulbs are costly compared to florescent bulbs

LED technology is new and there are many advantages by using led bulbs for home or business, they cut energy cost by 60% to 80% and last for 50,000 hrs. LED light bulbs do NOT use mercury, so no health hazards and environment friendly.


7) What are dimmable led bulbs and its advantages

Dimmable led light bulbs are used where you need recessed light and can be controlled thru switch. Look for specifications before you buy to see if it is dimmable led bulb.


8) Are cheap led bulbs are good

It depends, We at www.usledmart.com sell super bright led bulbs for competitive price and all our led bulbs and lights are tested for best results and most of our products are clear cover( where you can see LEDs) which emit best light compared to frosted cover lights. Also we have many double row led tube lights which give better and more light compared to single row led bulbs.

One other important thing to note is don't fall into cheap products look for UL listed ,All products which we sell at http://www.usledmart.com are UL listed and eligible for all state sponsored rebate programs.


9) What is V Shape LED Cooler tube light and how does it help

We have our special design v shape led cooler light (comes in 3 types Integrated , double pin , single pin), these are mostly used in Coolers / Freezers and emit more light towards products which makes your products looks more brighter and better.


10) Is your bulbs comparable with Philips led bulbs or Sylvania led bulbs

Yes, we follow our own quality testing process , and we market bright led bulbs for competitive price


11) How much Power it consumes

Lower Watt bulb consume low power also less light output, But when you compare any LED bulb you will save at least 60% of power compared to incandescent bulb, So no need to compromise on your super bright led bulb need


12) What size and type of the bulb to choose

Choose the right "Base" and "PAR" and "Length" (if its tube light), so that no surprises when you try to install.


13) What is Integrated led tube light

If you want just replace current fluorescent tube light fixture, then best option is buy Integrated LED tube light which comes with everything in it and you just need to plug in(that's so simple) and your can also connect multiple LED Integrated tube lights in series (one output to other one input).